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Gift for Grandma

I ‘ve made this origami little love pocket mini to my mother about her grandchirldren.
hajtogatott album1
Here I share whit you how to do it. It is very easy, all you need is scissors, double sided adhesive tape and a 8,5 x 11 inch / A4 paper.
1. First fold the paper in half and fold the outside of the paper till the half of the paper.  Leave a 1/8 inch in the center.
2. From the bottom fold down 1 inch.
3. Open the paper, and cut the two little pieces along the foldlines.
4. Fold the corners in to meet the external fold line. Do it with all four corners
5. Fold the two flaps inside.
6. Turn the paper over and fold it up to the one inch foldline. Now you can see the little pockets on both sides.
7. Fold down the one inch part, and stick it inside with the other side of the paper.
8., 9., 10., Now,  the olny thing you want to do is fold the booklet in a half. So you have four pockets, outside and two inside of your mini.

It’s easy, isn’t it?

hajtogatott album2

Love, P.J.

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