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Wilna, Wilna, Wilna

I think we all agree that Wilna is our eternal inspiration. She was my first “international teacher” when I started scrapbooking, and time to time I feel I must return and create a layout in her style.

First I made a background whit black chalkboard paint.


Once  the black paint was dry I added a soft pink paint layer.


After that, I drew one of Wilna’s pattern whit my Silhouette sketh pen. It is very easy! You will follow the same steps as for a normal cut file, but at the end, in the ‘Cut Settings Window’ you will change from ‘cutting blade’ to ‘sketch pen’. Do not forget to load your pen before printing!
Here you can find an official tutorial.


The creative files I used from Wilna: BLOOM Collection  and LEAVES Cut Files + Brushes.


As a last step I adedd a little bit of color to freshen up my composition using  Jot Magazine’s mood board as a color scheme.copyseptembermeghann2016
As a final touch I embellished my layout with Wilnas cut outs.


Love, P.J.

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  1. Great layout! yes Wilna style is timeless! Such an inspiring creative – was so blessed to be able to meet her in person earlier on this year!! She really is lovely 🙂
    Thanks for joining in with the challenge at Jot this month!

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