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Five ways to use tags

I adore tags! I use them a lot both on my pages as well as in my mini albums. In this post I like to share with you some tips how to use them in different proyects. For a lazy persone like me, the easiest way to create an album is just gather some tags inserting a binder ring: Tags are also very useful to create layers on your page or in your mini album: You can use them instead of greating cards: It´s a great decorative element on your page, whit hidden jurnaling, or as a string holder, or just to embellish your proyect. Finally an other mini I´ve made with tags. It´s a bit more complicated then the first one, but I think the result it speaks for itself. It´s fun that you can pull out and mix the tags as you want.(The tuto you can find HERE): Love, P.J.